Kettlebell Sport at BodyPower Expo 2017!

So right now as I write this the final day of BodyPower 2017 is underway and for the first time ever Kettlebell Sport has been showcased to the entire fitness industry at the UK’s biggest event dedicated to all things fitness.

Thanks to our very own BigKat Chris Guyll and Dave Moore who have organised and set up this great opportunity. Two guys who have tirelessly travelled the length and breadth of the UK over the past year or so organising, promoting and competing in kettlebell sport. More often than not driving where ever and back within a day. This time they actually treat themselves to a stop over.

Anyway what have they been up to at BodyPower?
Well for the most part challenging the UK’s Bodybuilders, fitness models, personal trainers, fitness instructors and anyone else interested to have ago on one of our kettlebell lifting platforms in our 2 minute kettlebell Jerk competition.

Now many of us know how difficult it is to get the jerk right, it can take weeks/months just to get the basic movements right. So the challenge for us coaches on the day get them lifting in 1-2 minutes.
If anything it gave the country’s fit people a chance to see how difficult it is try the jerk technique in the first place and for some (okay, many) of them to see you can only push press 2x 16kg bells for 60 or maybe 90 seconds. The 2 minute mark being a hard goal to hit.
After explaining the 2 minute challenge is only 40% of a Grassroots (explained by myself as the Sunday League Kettlebell lifting to give perspective) and 20% of an National/International set, most of them shocked to say the least.

In all it was (as I write, Is!) making waves in the general awareness of a sport many people still have not heard of, not to mention the fact we have a teams of Athletes from England, Scotland and Ireland currently competing for their countries in the IUKL European Championships THIS very weekend!

Here’s a link to the facebook album