Grassroots Kettlebell League Navan Ireland Sept ’17

Here’s a few pics from our friends in Ireland at this weekend Navan competition. Great work guys and thanks for your continued support #togetherwearestronger 🙂

Navan Ireland Sept ’17

McLaren PT Sept ’17

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Just a few photo’s from Maclaren PT Grassroots Kettlebells a few weeks ago.

It has been said on numerous occasions that we need more photo’s on this website so. I have finally set up the fickr account and will select a handfull of photo’s from the many that get taken at each competition.

So here goes…

…McLaren PT Grassroots Kettlebells Edinburgh Sept ’17

Navan Ireland Sept ’17

McLaren PT Sept ’17

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How things have changed

We’re now well into our 2nd season of Grassroots Kettlebells and in all honesty I can’t believe how much we have grown.

Initially Grassroots Kettlebells was going to be a small Yorkshire inter-club league. With Chris Guyll based at BigKat in Harrogate, Dave Moore based at Dominus in York and myself at the time based at my gym in Hull.

Which between us didn’t cover much area at all. In the beginning we were looking at ways to increase the popularity of the sport in our local area whilst having the opportunity as gym owners to earn a little extra on occasions when our gyms were usually closed or quiet (Sundays mainly).

At the risk of sounding a little organised and professional here we did spend sometime coming up with what we thought was a fair scoring system, then testing it on previous competition results.

I won’t lie I felt a little apprehensive about what other more experienced lifters out there would think of our score system. I mean you have us 3 stooges from Yorkshire at the time having at most 3 years of lifting each under our belts wanting to introduce a new format of competition to the kettlebell community.

In fact there was one Facebook conversation that probably pushed us forward and that was with Abi Johnston from the Barbreck Studio / Scottish Kettlebell Club. I think by this point we had already branded our format before asking what she thought and to my surprise and excitement it was Abi who told us we should run with it on a bigger scale as it could be much bigger than just Yorkshire.

Only last week we were chatting with Abi and Eddie Sheehan of Three Rivers Kettlebell Club about kettlebell sport in the UK and Ireland when Eddie made a comment about how Grassroots Kettlebells is exactly what is needed over here.

It is great to now have the Association of Kettlebell Sport Ireland (AKSI) onboard this year hosting 4 competitions on the otherside of the Irish Sea.

Only this week I woke up to see we’d had a small mention in a blog post by Bob Garon II of Synergy Kettlebell in Illinois. For me its not so much we had a mention but the fact we’re in a list with the big boys of kettlebell organisations. Have a read here, we’re the one without an acronym GKL or GrKL just doesn’t sound the same as Grassroots Kettlebell League now does it 😉

Live Score’s

I thought I’d write a post to “officially” announce the new feature on the website. I thought I’d wait until we have extensively tested it…

…BUT that’s not the grassroots way!

Instead we have taken the usual “Wing it and see” approach which serves us well. Thanks to Alan Hudson dropping the idea of having a single spreadsheet showing the top 10 from each category so it can be beamed onto a projector screen.

The suggestion was made on Friday. I got the various bits working Friday tea time to test and launch it Saturday for the competition in Ireland. We then went through a second phase of testing (most definitely wingin’ it) on Sunday.

We winged it and it worked. So not only do we have the option to beam the TOP 10 onto a large screen (a feature Alan ended up not using 🙂 ) We now have a dedicated page on the website so you can see if your in the TOP 10 on the day and who you need to be trying to beat for the number 1 spot. Just a shot of encouragement for some healthy competition.

Have a look at the new section here and if your using it on competition day be sure to keep refreshing your browser.

Big Thanks To Everyone Who Helped With Bodypower 2017!!

So its now Wednesday and the weekend is now just a distant memory. Before we kick off into this next weekend and the Forever Strong Grassroots Competition in Rochdale, we would like to say a big thank you to everyone who helped us make the stand at BodyPower the success it was.

So here goes!

Anna – Thank You

Clare – Thank You

Helen – Thank You

Becky – Thank You

Del – Thank You

Chris S – Thank You

Joy – Thank You

Dave – Thank You

Rich – Thank You

Tim – Thank You

Laura – Thank You

Jude – Thank You

Dan – Thank You

Also a big Thank You to the guys from Chia Charge, Wolverson and special thanks to Mr Ben.

Kettlebell Sport at BodyPower Expo 2017!

So right now as I write this the final day of BodyPower 2017 is underway and for the first time ever Kettlebell Sport has been showcased to the entire fitness industry at the UK’s biggest event dedicated to all things fitness.

Thanks to our very own BigKat Chris Guyll and Dave Moore who have organised and set up this great opportunity. Two guys who have tirelessly travelled the length and breadth of the UK over the past year or so organising, promoting and competing in kettlebell sport. More often than not driving where ever and back within a day. This time they actually treat themselves to a stop over.

Anyway what have they been up to at BodyPower?
Well for the most part challenging the UK’s Bodybuilders, fitness models, personal trainers, fitness instructors and anyone else interested to have ago on one of our kettlebell lifting platforms in our 2 minute kettlebell Jerk competition.

Now many of us know how difficult it is to get the jerk right, it can take weeks/months just to get the basic movements right. So the challenge for us coaches on the day get them lifting in 1-2 minutes.
If anything it gave the country’s fit people a chance to see how difficult it is try the jerk technique in the first place and for some (okay, many) of them to see you can only push press 2x 16kg bells for 60 or maybe 90 seconds. The 2 minute mark being a hard goal to hit.
After explaining the 2 minute challenge is only 40% of a Grassroots (explained by myself as the Sunday League Kettlebell lifting to give perspective) and 20% of an National/International set, most of them shocked to say the least.

In all it was (as I write, Is!) making waves in the general awareness of a sport many people still have not heard of, not to mention the fact we have a teams of Athletes from England, Scotland and Ireland currently competing for their countries in the IUKL European Championships THIS very weekend!

Here’s a link to the facebook album