About Us

We are a group of small gym owners from Yorkshire, England who just so happen to be Kettlebell Athletes as well. 2 of us being current OKSE Team England members.

Grassroots Kettlebells started from a conversation we had about having more frequent small scale kettlebell competitions that would #1 attract new lifters. Kettlebell sport is tough and as a new sport its not always easy to find new people because lets face it 10 minutes is a lonnnnggggg time. #2 we’re small gym owners who like anyone want to make an extra few quid when we can and running a kettlebell competition every now and then can really help out.

Initially Grassroots Kettlebell League was going to be a Yorkshire thing but the more we talked about it the more we thought it could possibly be bigger. 5 minute triathlons are popular but they lack structure and format so we thought we’d try provide a framework for other small gym/club owners to work with.

We are (from left to right in the picture above)

Dave: Is the owner of Dominus Strength & Conditioning in York. Dave has been competing in Kettlebells for a couple of years after taking up the sport to take control of his health.

Chris: Is the owner of Big Kat in Harrogate. Chris is also a relative new comer to the sport having been competing for a couple of years. He has qualified for OKSE Team England this year and will be competing in IUKL European Championships in Poland in May ’16. This will be the 2nd sport Chris has represented England having previously competed in Thai Boxing.

Nick: Started kettlebell sport just over 2 years ago. In his first year in the sport he won the GSU Men’s Biathlon League, in year 2 he was selected for OKSE Team England at the IUKL Kettlebell World Championships coming 4th in his category and ranked 14th in the world according IUKL results tables.

Country Representatives


Bea Rodriguez

Bea believes in the physical and mental benefits of kettlebell training, as well as the power of kettlebell sport to positively transform the individual; and when individuals can transform themselves, they have the capacity to help transform the world.

  • Creator of Women’s International Kettlebell Sport Summit
  • Creator of Kettlebell Sport Summit
  • Founder and President, Chicago Kettlebell Club
  • KETAcademy Kettlebell Sport Instructor Level 2
  • IKFF Certified Kettlebell Teacher, Level 2
  • IKSFA Kettlebell Sport Coach, Level 2
  • Ice Chamber Kettlebell Performance Coach, Level 1