Live Score’s

I thought I’d write a post to “officially” announce the new feature on the website. I thought I’d wait until we have extensively tested it…

…BUT that’s not the grassroots way!

Instead we have taken the usual “Wing it and see” approach which serves us well. Thanks to Alan Hudson dropping the idea of having a single spreadsheet showing the top 10 from each category so it can be beamed onto a projector screen.

The suggestion was made on Friday. I got the various bits working Friday tea time to test and launch it Saturday for the competition in Ireland. We then went through a second phase of testing (most definitely wingin’ it) on Sunday.

We winged it and it worked. So not only do we have the option to beam the TOP 10 onto a large screen (a feature Alan ended up not using 🙂 ) We now have a dedicated page on the website so you can see if your in the TOP 10 on the day and who you need to be trying to beat for the number 1 spot. Just a shot of encouragement for some healthy competition.

Have a look at the new section here and if your using it on competition day be sure to keep refreshing your browser.